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Our Promise to You

Alexander Financial Planning, Inc. (AFPI) is dedicated to providing the highest quality of client service. Part of this dedication includes the protection of your sensitive, non-public, information. Maintaining your trust and confidence is a high priority. AFPI wants you to understand how we protect your privacy when we collect and use information about you, and the steps that we take to safeguard that information. This notice is provided to you on behalf of Alexander Financial Planning, Inc.

Client Notifications

The Security and Exchange Commission has adopted regulations regarding the use of confidential client information. Regulation S-P requires all financial institutions to establish privacy policies relating to the collection and sharing of nonpublic personal information with affiliates and nonaffiliated third parties. A current privacy policy notice is required to be delivered to all customers no later than the time the customer relationship is established and annually thereafter as long as the relationship exists.

Information Provided by Clients

In order for AFPI to perform the services you are engaging us to perform, we obtain non-public information about you on investment applications, data gathering forms, investment transactions and information from credit and service bureaus or other third parties.

We will not disclose information regarding you or your accounts with us except under the following circumstances:

• At your request, to another advisor.

• To establish or maintain an account with an unaffiliated third party, such as a clearing broker providing service to you.

• To government entities or other third parties in response to subpoenas or other legal process as required by law.

Our Security Policy to our Clients

AFPI does not sell information about current or former clients to third parties, nor is it our practice to disclose such information to third parties unless requested to do so by a client or client representative or, if necessary, in order to process a transaction, service an account or as permitted by law. Additionally, we may share information with outside companies that perform administrative services for us. However, our contractual arrangements with these service providers require them to treat your information as confidential. We maintain physical, electronic and procedural safeguards to protect your personal information and that comply with applicable state and federal regulations. Our Privacy Policy restricts the use of client information and requires that it be held in strict confidence.

• For Closed or Inactive Accounts, we will adhere to the same privacy policies and practices herein.

• If we make any substantial changes in the way we use or disseminate confidential information, we will notify you.

• AFPI is not responsible or liable for the privacy practices or procedures of any other party, except to the extent required by law.

We encourage you to look into the privacy practices of any party that you are considering providing or giving access to your non-public personal information, as such policies may differ from AFPI’s Privacy Policy.


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