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Fees are based on the type and level of service we provide to our clients.

Alexander Financial Planning offers (4) Services,
grouped in two areas:
& "Stand-Alone Services".


Given our years of experience and being at the leading edge of our industry, Alexander Financial Planning utilizes a Flat-Fee structure for our Goal Driven and Cash Flow Wealth Management services. This type of fee is based more on the complexity and scope of your financial situation and less on the amount you have of investable assets. As we have learned, complexity and the amount of time or effort to address a client’s needs isn’t always proportional to our client’s assets. Therefore, it is not fair to charge a fee based just on investable assets. Our fee is reviewed annually during our AFP Update Meetings to determine if it needs to be adjusted given your financial situation at the time.

Developing and implementing a financial life plan is a complex process that takes time, knowledge, and resources. We have been doing this for years.

Recently, the industry of investment management has been experiencing a reduction in fees due to competition of robo -advisors and advances in technology. To compensate, many of these firms have hired freshly minted financial planners to provide “light” financial planning functions to their list of services in an attempt to not reduce their overall compensation. Many of these firms continue to use the Assets Under Management (AUM) compensation model to charge their fees for all their services.

Experience has shown us that there can be inherit biases built into the Assets Under Management (AUM) compensation structure, even though many Fee-Only Advisors are still using this model. AFP believes that your service fees should not be based on your level of assets, but more on the complexity of your financial situation.

Fees for Goal Driven Wealth Management

(reserved for Builders to Managers of their Assets)

• Set-up Fee $500 Single & $550 Couple
• Minimum Flat Fee $2,000 (typical range $2,000 to $6,000)
• Billed Monthly – Using Advise Pay
• Fee is reviewed annually at Plan Update Meeting

Fees for Cash Flow Driven Wealth Management

(reserved for Managers to Preservers of their Assets)

• Set-up Fee $500 Single & $600 Couple
• Minimum Flat Fee $6,000 & up
• Billed Quarterly – Direct or can be deducted from an account
• Fee is reviewed annually at Plan Update Meeting


We recognize that some clients are just not ready or do not need our combined services. We also work with organizations and non-profits that just need an investment management service. To this end, we provide these two services based on some set criteria.

Fees for Financial Planning Only

(reserved for Managers to Preservers of their Assets)

• Set-up Fee $350 to $600
• Minimum Fee $5,000
• Fee is Billed as Plan is Completed
• Annual Plan Updates typically 80% of first year fee

Fees for Investment Management Only

• Set-up Fee $250 to $500
• Minimum Annual Fee $5,000
• Billed Quarterly – Direct or can be deducted from an account
• Annual Investment Review

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