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Important Disclosure Information

The Advisers Act requires Alexander Financial Planning, Inc. to provide a written disclosure, known as a disclosure “brochure”, to prospective and existing clients. We will use Form ADV Part 2A & Part 2B as our disclosure brochure. Initial delivery of the brochure must be furnished to a client or prospective client either:

• At least 48 hours prior to entering into an advisory agreement or,

• At the same time of entering contract, provided the client may terminate the contract without penalty within 5 business days after entering into the contract.

Please remember that if there are no material changes, we are not required to deliver or offer the Brochure to our clients annually. If we do have material changes, we must either deliver our Brochure to each of our clients within 120 days of our fiscal year-end or we must provide a summary of material changes and also offer our clients the Brochure if they are interested. We will record the date the request was received and will provide the brochure by either US Mail or electronic delivery (per the client’s preference) within 7 days of receipt of request. We will retain this record for a minimum of 5 years.

Delivery of Information to our Clients

We will disclose to our clients any financial condition that is reasonably likely to impair AFPI’s ability to meet our contractual commitments to our clients.

We will disclose to our clients any legal or disciplinary event that may be material for a client to evaluate our integrity or ability to meet contractual commitments for a period of ten years from the time of the event. A listing of legal or disciplinary actions required to be disclosed may be found in Rule 206(4)-4 of the Advisers Act, a copy of which is maintained by the CCO.

We will deliver regular privacy notices, as addressed in our Client Privacy Policy.

Proxy Voting Disclosures

Upon the inception of a client relationship, AFPI will provide their client with a description of the firm’s proxy voting policies.

Website Disclosures

Our website,, provides general information and is not intended to offer financial planning or investment advice via the internet. It is intended as a manner for you to learn about our services and contact us for further information.

The material posted on our website is general in nature, and based on information available in the marketplace that is believed to be reliable and authoritative. However, the information provided is not guaranteed as to its accuracy and does not constitute a basis for sound investment or financial planning decisions. It may not be applied indiscriminately to particular situations where it may not be completely applicable.


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