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Living your version
of your best life.

Financial life planning is about discovering, planning,

and living your life story.

Our goal is to bring meaning and purpose to your financial life
by connecting your money with your dreams and aspirations.

By understanding your unique set of values, priorities, challenges, and opportunities,
we help you increase your sense of financial well-being and life satisfaction.

A fresh take on
financial life planning.

Many advisors approach financial planning strictly by the numbers – budgets, net worth, insurance, investment returns, and taxes.

We agree that numbers do matter, but they are there to support and serve you, not the other way around.

AFP offers a game-changing strategy to help our clients unleash long-simmering dreams, guide them through pivotal points in their lives, and empower them to navigate the day-to-day changes as they transition to a new normal with greater ease and confidence.

Let our unique approach flips the script and place your story at the forefront, allowing us to build a customized plan with your goals and aspirations as our guide.


We can
guide you there.

Whether you're seeking financial planning advice, need guidance on how to invest your money or you are experiencing a life transitional event... AFP is ready to focus your wants and needs into a plan to set those goals into motion.

With 26+ years of financial planning experience, we pride ourselves on opening opportunities while protecting what's most important to you.


It all begins with

a conversation.

As your thinking partner, we will work with you to uncover what is important to you and begin your journey towards the life you are seeking.

Let's make a plan together.



At AFP, we help enrich your life story through thoughtful and effective financial life planning.

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