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We are often asked...
"What are some good books to read about finances?"

Here are a few that you may find helpful.


Cyber Security for Seniors

Dr. Steve Krantz

Published January 24, 2019

Have you ever had a cyber panic attack?
Then this book is a must.

• Steve Krantz has over 50 years of computer experience and understands the challenges faced by seniors in cyber space.

•  It includes a glossary defining cyber world lingo.

• The book lists risks, simple solutions and best practices for safely navigating cyber space using a multitude of different devices.

• Learn safe web browsing, email, and social media strategies.

• Learn to protect your data and devices from hacking and physical loss as well as how to protect your finances in the online world.

• Keep this reference book close at hand!

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Cyber Security for Beginners
2nd Edition

Raef Meeuwisse

Published March 14, 2017

An introductory resource manual, this book details and simplifies difficult but fundamental concepts. Learn the importance of cyber security supported by evidence and examples from the real world. Address fear by learning to navigate the modern essential web with eyes wide open to new risks and dangers.

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Wired for Wealth:
Change the Money Mindsets That Keep You Trapped and Unleash Your Potential Wealth

Brad Klontz, Ted Klontz, and Rick Kahler

Published November 16, 2008

Recession is NOT the biggest threat to your financial wealth, your brain IS. Your core money beliefs, or Money Scripts, are a determining factor. Learning to identify and change your money scripts can enable you to reach greater wealth and security. Discover the top 10 money scripts inhibiting the financial lives of many, based on results of a landmark survey of people’s money habits. Start here to rewire your brain for wealth.

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A Random Walk Down Wall Street: The Time-Tested Strategy for Successful Investing (12th Edition)

Burton G. Malkiel

Published January 1, 2019

A classic and gimmick-free investment guide outlining a time-tested research-based strategy for your portfolio. Learn the lingo of “the Street” and how to navigate it. A lifecycle guide helps to tailor investment strategies for investors of any age. Learn how to analyze potential returns for the full range of investment opportunities. This fully updated edition also includes information on cryptocurrencies and “tax-loss harvesting”. Step by step guidance for investors of any age or level of experience.

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The Richest Man in Babylon

George S. Clason

Published January 1, 2019

A celebrated bestseller, this inspirational read covers subjects of thrift, financial planning, and personal wealth. A timeless classic revealing how to create, grow, and preserve personal wealth through entertaining stories about the ancient Babylonians, who were first to discover universal laws of prosperity. Written in a simple, fun narrative, each chapter delves into a different area of personal finance. Learn how to start building wealth with the money you already earn.

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The Wealthy Barber Returns: Dramatically Older and Marginally Wiser

David Chilton

Published January 1, 2011

A smart, humorous, unusual financial planning book described by the author as a “casual chat about the world of money”. The author includes no checklists, no graphs, and only a few charts but confidently shares that this book will make you think differently about your saving, spending, and borrowing habits, helping you to make wiser investment decisions. No calculator required as there is hardly any math!

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Get a Financial Life: Personal Finance in Your Twenties and Thirties

Beth Kobliner

Published March 21, 2017

This completely revised, updated version of the New York Times bestseller is a guide to personal finance for the millennial generation. It addresses many struggles faced by millennials including student loan debt, managing taxes, and boosting credit scores. The updated edition also includes new insights reflecting the digital world and actionable, advice geared to help form healthy, and lasting financial habits. An essential tool in today’s changing landscape and uncertain economy.

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150 Things You Need to Know Now That You’re a Grownup

Shawn Cornelius

Published January 5, 2017

School may have prepared you academically for the “Real World”, but do you possess the practical knowledge needed to succeed as an independent grownup? Learn 150 things you absolutely need to know, delivered in simple, easy to understand language. This book will help you to manage several aspects of adulthood. Get the answers to burning questions about topics such as: the work place; home ownership; financial savings; transportation; travel: and many, many more!

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